Pi-star WiresX passthrough.

wiresx-passthrough example

This feauture allows you to change Brandmeister DMR Talk Groups thru wires-x interface from your transceiver (FT2DR / FT3DR) in your local YSF2DMR pi-star based config.
What you need:
1. pi-star with working YSF
2. C4FM transceiver.

How to:
1. Enable YSF2DMR in upper part of pi-star settings ("MMDVMHost Configuration"). And "Apply changes".
2. Go to down to section "Yaesu System Fusion Configuration" .
3. Setting YSF2DMR options:
3.1. WiresX Passthrough: on
3.2. (YSF2DMR)CCS7/DMR ID: your registered DMR ID and suffix for hotspot. (In my case 2480002 and suffix 10).
3.3. DMR Master: (select server nearest to you
3.4. DMR TG: input your DMR TG ID.
3.5. Apply Changes.
4. Next step connect to you pi-star (using your transciever).
5. Connect to YSF room: #00002 (YSF00002 - Link to YSF2DMR).
6. Pressing search and direct on your screen
7. Select Search&Direct, then select ID (directly input ID of group) 8. Input your DMR TG ID with leader zerroes up to 5 digits. For example: Estonian DMR group: TG24810 you must enter: 24810. For Russian DMR Group TG2503 , you must enter 02503.
9. To exit and back to your local "YSF Startup Host:" switch to DMR TG:4000 (like described in chapte: 8) go to #04000. 10. To leave YSF2DMR on FT2DR or FT3DR press band for 1-2 seconds.

Thu Oct 24 16:27:41 CEST 2019